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Profile on Justin Zormelo
“At the intersection of genius and athleticism lies the mind of Justin Zormelo. As a trained mathematician and basketball expert, Zormelo uses advanced analytics to propel players to perfection.”

by Chris Ballard

Profile on Kevin Durant
“A trainer’s advice helped Durant shake off his struggles and rally OKC past Memphis in the first round.”

by Scott Cacciola

Profile on Justin
“Justin Zormelo, a 30-year-old Georgetown graduate, is at the forefront of a growing industry, his services a must-have accessory for the playoffs.”

by Lee Jenkins

Kevin Durant Cover Article
“Justin Zormelo doesn’t have a formal title. He is part personal trainer and part shot doctor, part video analyst and part advance scout. “He’s a stat geek,” Durant says, expanding the job description.”

by Kathy Orton

Profile on Justin
“Justin Zormelo couldn’t make his dream to play in the NBA come true. Instead, he did the next best thing: he became known as a stats geek who could take the league’s players to the top.”

by Jordan Conn

Roy Hibbert Article
“Hibbert pays Justin Zormelo, a private scout… ‘The guys who works for the team are great, but they have to focus on the whole team,’ Hibbert says. ‘It’s good to get something more personal.'”

by Pablo S. Torre

Paul George Article
“… he reached out to development coach Justin Zormelo, the founder of BestBall Analytics.”


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What Best Ball Can Do For You

BestBall Analytics is geared toward helping players become smarter and more efficient through scientific analysis and smarter training. Working with BestBall, your basketball IQ will grow as a result you will gain greater confidence in your game. Our clients receive insight and information based on their skill level and position on the court that is geared toward them as individuals. BestBall works with players on many different levels ranging from NBA, international, college and high school players. Improvement, progress and perfection are really the heart of the matter with our training program.

About Me


I am Justin Zormelo

Justin graduated from Georgetown University and managed the Hoya Men's Basketball team. Justin has worked for the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, as well as several individual professional basketball players from various NBA and International teams.

Listen to what Kevin Durant says about Justin Zormelo:

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Featured Clients

Justin has worked with over 11 NBA All-Stars, NBA Finals MVP's, 4 NBA Scoring Champions, 2 NBA MVP's, an NBA Assist Leader, an NBA Sixth Man of the Year, NBA All-Defensive Team Members, to the top overseas, college and high school players in the world.

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Kevin Durant

John Wall

Paul George

Thon Maker


Kevin Durant's 35th Hour

Kevin Durant’s 35th Hour

Kevin Durant and Joe Johnson Workout

Kevin Durant and Joe Johnson Workout

Kevin Durant Speaks on Justin

Kevin Durant Speaks on Justin

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  • You don't play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball."

    Bobby Knight

NBA Pre-Draft Training

Preparing for the NBA pre-draft process is a once in a lifetime opportunity for players from colleges and overseas who need transitional training to the professional NBA level. It is the time when NBA coaches and scouts evaluate the individual and team skills that they are looking for their NBA teams. Best Ball Analytics proven scientific method prepares and guides players through the intense NBA pre-draft training process. It provides players with the skills and understanding of the pro game and the key prerequisites NBA teams desire and are willing to draft for. My training methods are trend-setting and continue to receive great press in the U.S. and abroad.

Camps & Clinics


Individualized training program tailored to a player reaching full potential. Best Ball Analytics uses proven scientific methods, technology and on the court training designed to have player excel in every aspect of the game. Shooting, ball handling, footwork, positioning on the court, rebounding, playing defense, elevating basketball IQ, conditioning and mental strengthening are an integral part of the program.



Best Ball Analytics provides players with the competitive edge needed to excel at the international team levels and to attract NBA coaches and scouts. Our innovative and rigorous methods will result in players reaching new performance heights. Perfecting shooting form, ball handling, footwork, positioning on the court, rebounding to the physical and mental strengthening are all incorporated into a customized training program for each player.


If you and/or your team is interested in having a BestBall Analytics camp or clinic in your area, please send your information to info@bestballanalytics.com


If you are interested in getting training for BBA Certification by Justin, please send your information to info@bestballanalytics.com


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